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10 Dec 2016
Berikut Benarkan Kata Kata Terbaik - Berikut Membenarkan Kata Top - One of the main activities after you create a blog or website in wordpress posted. Post messages in the form of text, images, video or a combination that will benefit.

your visitors. You can send in accordance with the needs anda.Terkadang publish blog posts have you require additional information so that you need a way to edit your post before. Here is a tutorial that Can Help You To Edit Posts Lalu.

You can highlight the icon post using your mouse and then you can click "all posts Next, you can choose the post you want to edit.

Then you can click on the title or the other way by clicking edit or fast editing. Only in quick edit to edit just a few columns or shorter. However, if you want to do full editing then you can choose to edit the name or title.