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10 Dec 2016
Berkilau Perasaan Pada Saat Mendengar Puisi Tercinta - The pineapple is a tropical plant that is very easy to find in our Nagara, the price is very affordable. Pineapple fruit to be excellent for salad lovers, the article sour taste mixed with sweet pineapple is very tasty once used as salad mixture and serve sweets. Even lately many snacks like bread that elevates the taste.

of pineapple as a symbol. It turned out that in terms of culinary benefits of pineapple is not limited to that alone, but many types of beverages using the flavors of pineapple as its flavor. Pineapple is also very tasty consumed directly but it would be more pleasure when eaten in a cold state. Storage pineapple to make it more durable and long lasting should be.

stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Behind the delicious taste of pineapple fruit, it turns out to save a million benefits for the health of the body. This is because pineapple contains many essential nutrients for the body. Based on a study of the pineapple weighing.

 was found energy 5 phosphorus 11 mg, calcium 16 milligrams, there is also Janis vitamins such as  milligrams and 24 grams of and many other important content. For my friend who likes pineapple fruit is not hurt, if you frequently consume this pineapple. But do not overdo it with replacing main meals with fruit is pineapple. some health benefits of pineapple for my friend could read the following.


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