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10 Dec 2016
Kedua Kalinya DIsakiti Dengan Kata Kata Kecewa - Improve your immune system Having a fit body is not susceptible to disease caused by viruses and other microorganisms. In particular the benefits of vitamin C contained in pineapple fruit is great as anti-oxidants that prevent the occurrence of cancer cells.Lowering blood pressure High blood pressure.

is now widely become complaint for most people, one of the efforts to control blood pressure can be anticipated with mengkosumsi proper such as pineapple fruit is containing potassium and low in sodium can help lower blood pressure. Create a healthy and strong bones Want strong bones and healthy not only consume milk rich in calcium alone.

but contain pineapple is rich in manganese can also improve bone health, in combination with other mineral substances turned out very well for preventing osteoporosis, especially in women who are very susceptible to bone loss. Besides pineapple, sprouts are also very good benefits for bone health.Make healthy gut and digestion Pineapple.

fruit also contain dietary fiber that is very important to maintain intestinal health, not just the content of bromelain which serves to break the is very helpful for digestion. Now therefore gut health therapy, awake at the same time will avoid digestive disorders like constipation, hemorrhoids and so on.


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