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10 Dec 2016
Ternyata Pantun Juga Mantap Buat Lawak - Pineapple fruit is also believed to be used to relieve nausea such as motion sickness, well, if my friend experienced such things when traveling away. Buddy can to stop at a fruit cobbler and pineapple buy this cheap.

nourish the eyes The content of beta-carotene is found in carrots are also present in this pineapple fruit that serves to maintain the sharpness of eyesight. To maintain eyes can consume pineapple on a regular basis.Beautify and Healthy Skin.

The content of amino acids and vitamin C to be anti-oxidants to prevent skin cancer, as well as stimulate the repair of damaged cells. Pineapple is also helpful to increase the synthesis of collagen which is useful for keeping skin elastic and liquid substances in pineapple can be used to moisturize dry skin. Dry skin looks dull, unhealthy.

and even scaly. Buddy can prevent dehydration of the skin by applying water pineapple.The benefits of pineapple Pineapple Fruit Smooth skin calluses and scaly skin calluses If my friend experienced as in the hand and the foot and also scaly, mate can be berlahan mengilangkannya by using this pineapple fruit.


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