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10 Dec 2016
Kebanyakan Oranng Menunggu Ucapan Dari Orang Yang Disayang - or foreign name Pachyrhizus erosus is large tuber it white and rich with water, taste a little bit sweet, tasty renyak if bitten and often used as a mixed salad and contrived as a confectioner. This tropical American plant origin was rich in essential nutrients that can make our bodies.

if consumed and also beneficial for skin beauty. Bengkoang freshness is widely used by women as a mask or a mask known as bengkoang whose purpose is to maintain the health of the skin, especially to change the look of your skin whiter and brighter naturally.

The content of yam or yam is dominated by vitamin C, while we know that vitamin C is necessary for the health of our body and also beauty. Read: Benefits of Advertisement So do not be surprised if many cosmetics manufacturers who use this yam as a basic ingredient for making konsmetik beauty among beauty products of this yam like beauty soap,

scrubs, lotions and moisturizing the skin. But if you want a more natural, man can make his own concoction cosmetics bengkoang course should ask advice from the experts. Bengkoang rich in nutrients that are essential for our body between the content of bengkoang friend can see below.


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